My Experience

– Kyle’s Army Experience –


Dark Warriors[DW] – FORMER 2ic and short leading DW[DW veteran and in HOF before]

Night rebels[nr] – FORMER leader and legend[HOF]

Water Ninjas – former leader

Ice Warriors[IW] – former 4ic, current 2ic

dark bandits – former 2ic, and leader

Chaos – former 2ic

Pink Ice[PI] – former leader

Cabin Warriors[CW] – former 2ic

Ying Yang of CP[YYCP] – former leader

Junk Warriors of CP [JWCP] – FORMER 4IC

Club Penguin Generation Army[CPGA] – former leader[HOF]

Doritos of club penguin[dcp] – Former 2ic, and LIT

Club Penguin Crew[CPC] – former 4ic,2ic and leader

Night Warriors[NW] – Former 4ic and Co-Leader

Team Gold[TG] – Former 4ic

Parkas – former 2ic

Lightning Vikings[LV] – former 2ic

Spartans – Creator and former leader

Special weapons and tactics[SWAT] – Former 2ic and LIT[SWAT veteran and HAll of fame]

Pirates – Former UK Leader, Leader and 2ic[pirates veteran and should be in HOF, because of Bidnow said yes, xD]

Light Troops[LT] – Former 4ic

oreos – former 4ic

Shield – former mod

L-Drago Warriors[DW] – Former Leader (with Flame and Lmfao.)

Fort Ghost Recon[FGR] – Former 2ic, and Mod[fgr veteran]

Freedom Troops[FT] – former leader

Fire Warriors[FW] – Former 4ic, 2ic and leader

Elites – Former 2ic and leader[Elites veteran and legend, and in HOF]

[Before l got taken off the Elites page]

Pizza warriors[PW] – Former 2ic[PW veteran and legend]

Nachos – Former 3ic

Warriors of CP – former 4ic

Icy troops[IT] – former 4ic

Army of Club Penguin[ACP] – Former 4ic, and Temp 3ic

Army Republic[AR] – Former 4ic

Club Penguin Warriors[CPW] – Former leader

Rebel Penguin Federation[RPF] – Former 4ic

Arctic Warriors[AW] – Former 2ic

Aqua Warriors[AW] – Former 4ic

Shadow Troops[ST] – Former 2ic[ST VETERAN]

Tacos – Former 5ic, 2ic [in HOF]

Water Raiders[WR] – Former Leader [wr lEGEND, AND VETERAN – hof]

Golds – Former 2ic[Golds veteran, [suppose to be in HOF]]

Hot Sauce Army[HSA] – Former 2ic

Secret Shadows[SS] – former leader

Water Vikings[WV] – former LIT

Mafia of Club Penguin[MCP] – former 2ic and leader[short][MCP Veteran]

Under Mafia Army[UMA] – Former 2ic[UMA VETERAN]

Miners – Former 2ic. and Leader

Black Bandits[BB] – Former 2ic[BB veteran]

Golden Troops[GT] – Former 2ic[GT veteran]


Romans – Former 4ic

Purple heads[PH] – former 4ic

Pretzels – Former 2ic. Current 3ic

Elite Penguin Troops[EPT] – Former 2ic

Watex Warriors[WW] – Former 2ic

cobras – former leader and legend[Generation 1]

Tositos – former 2ic

Club pENGUIN Sun Troops[CPST] – Former 2ic

Team Black[tb] – former 2ic

Delta troops[dt] – former 2ic, and leader[small and medium army and short][DT veteran and HOF]

Delta aRMY[DA] – former 2ic

Yoshi army[YA] – Former leader[small and medium army]

Sky Troops[ST] – former 4ic

CP Green team [CPGT]- former 2ic

nINJAS – former 4ic

Ice Vikings[IV] – former 4ic


Rangers Troops[RT] – former 4ic

All of these army experience what l did so far. Half of these armies is where l got fired, and demoted. Some are shut down, and some that are still alive.

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